New PS Plus Survey Hints Possible Upcoming Amazing New Features For PS4

PS Plus

It seems that Sony is currently sending out emails to a number of PS Plus members, in which they are asking them to take a quick survey. Though this survey is kind of an awesome one as it asks users to vote for their favorite feature that will arrive on PS4 soon. You can have a look at the full list of features Sony listed in that survey below and see for yourself what new features you can expect to arrive soon.

PS Plus

  • Discounts on PS Hardware and Accessories (controllers, and headsets).
  • Participate in monthly PS Plus contests to win prizes.
  • PS+ knowledge base, a forum for PS Plus members.
  • Discounts on Sony products such as TV’s, Cameras etc.
  • Discounts on lifestyle products such as fast food, movie tickets etc.
  • Participate in PS Plus gaming tournaments to win amazing prizes.
  • Get free movies every month.
  • Discounts on popular streaming services like Netflix, Spotify etc.

Those who still haven’t completed the survey should check out their emails to see if they got an invite to take part in it or not. I would personally love to see the gaming tournaments one.

Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

  • XtraTrstrL

    This is basically what Xbox was claiming Live Gold would be with the original Xbox 1. Back when it was announced and Silver was suppose to allow you to go online for free and blah blah. Then as it got closer to launch, Silver got demoted to only weekends you could go online, then by the time it launched, you couldn’t do anything with Silver. So, Gold just became a paywall to get online, and they didn’t have to keep their word on all the cool features of paying for Gold, cuz it was just mandatory to get online.

    If PS+ is gonna offer all this, they should be confident in it, and allow people without PS+ to go online again like PS3. Rather than still paywalling online, especially since most games are p2p and it’s up to the dev to do dedicated servers, which most don’t do regardless. Damn consoles man.

  • jacksjus

    How about a discount on PS Vue or PS Now as a plus member?

  • DrunkSuperman

    in other words more free stuff and sales, prices on everything arent moving as much as they have in the past, need more sales week for budget titles

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  • Khedri Aymen

    Discounts on PS Hardware and Accessories (controllers, and headsets) please